Nadav Konieczny

Camac Harps - Technician in charge of Mainland China and Taiwan
Camac 中國大陸與台灣專屬豎琴維修技師
卡玛卡竖琴的 中国大陆与台湾专属竖琴维修技师

Harp repair and regulation expert. After caring for the harps for local Israeli harpists, in 2010 Nadav was invited to Camac Harps for a course to be certified as a technician. In 2011 Nadav visited the Salvi factory where to  learn more about Salvi and L&H harps. In 2012 He visited Eagle Harp factory in Nanjing China and learned more about their instruments.
Some accomplishments of Nadav include rebuilding neck for harps in Israel and has also managed to restore a 100 year old Style 23G that belongs to the Israeli philharmonic and was declared as total loss by the maker.
Since 2015 Nadav has been going on regulation tours on behalf of Camac harps to China and other countries. In 2016 Nadav returned to the Camac harp factory for more training and exchanging of ideas.
Nadav has a BA in East Asia and Politics, from Tel Aviv University and Nanjing University. He is fluent in English, Chinese Hebrew and Russian


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