Ayelet’s String is an official representative of Camac Harps, France.  We specialize in finding the right harp for each harpist, and provide harp repair and maintenance.   We keep a variety of music scores for harps, harp strings, and anything else you may need.  We provide professional repair service in Israel, for students as well as for orchestral harpists.  You no longer need to ship your harp abroad for anything.

We import harps of all types, for players of all levels. We are also able to provide full consultation services with regards to buying, selling, and upgrading your harp. Israel’s Harp Store is the only store in Israel where you can buy, sell and trade-in harps. We offer service and guarantees without comparison and continuing support for all harpists.

For consultation service with regards to: Purchasing or importing new harps,  Assessing used harps before purchase, Technical advice, Ordering repair services, Please contact us by phone, email, or via the form at the bottom of the page. 
Our service is given in Hebrew, English and Russian.

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Israel's professional harp store.
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