Like many harps in Israel, and especially Russian harps, Ayelet’s harp was never serviced by a harp technician and required constant maintenance. Caring and maintaining that harp was Nadav’s harp school. Through his work on Ayelet’s harp, Nadav learned the full mechanism of the peddles, springs, discs, and more. Soon more people approached Nadav to receive assistance and maintenance for their harps and Nadav fell in love with this complex instrument. Each harp has a unique personality and sound and just like us humans: no two harps are alike.
Due to the difficulty purchasing harps in Israel and due to many requests from aspiring harp musicians, at the end of 2011 we began to import harps to Israel. We are the official, certified representative of Camac Harps in Israel. In addition, Nadav is a certified Camac harp technician and these days he also travels to service harps in Europe and East Asia. Today we maintain an inventory of harps for sale at our store in Tel Aviv. We have a large variety of harps, from low cost Celtic harps to high end pedal harps for orchestra musicians. At our store you can find over 20 models of harps for purchase or rent. For those wanting to experiment with the instrument before committing we initiated a rental program, which also gives credit towards purchasing the harp once the lease period is finished.

In 2013 we became involved in and donated to the “Sulamot” music program, a special program of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. In this program, the students learn to play on the Bardic 27 harp in 4 schools throughout Israel. We provided harps to many conservatories allowing many new students to be exposed to this amazing instrument.
At the end of the 90’s we imported a pedal harp for Ayelet. In those days, it was a difficult undertaking with no internet, exchange control, and more. Our success forged a path for importing additional harps. The harp was inherited from Ayelet, and enraptured us. Our home echoes with its tones, and we lovingly care for it.

Our Vision
  • To make the harp a readily accessible and a popular instrument in Israel
  • To sever the dependence on international suppliers
  • To become an all service provider for harpists and harp enthusiasts
  • To expand the repertoire of harps in Israel
  • To improve the standard of maintenance of harps in Israel
  • To increase the awareness of proper harp maintenance
  • To give exposure to unique international harpists in Israel, and to assist Israel harpists abroad
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Nadav Konieczny,
Harp repair and regulation expert. After caring for the harps for local Israeli harpists, in 2010 Nadav was invited to Camac Harps for a course to be certified as a technician. In 2011 Nadav visited the Salvi factory where to  learn more about Salvi and Lyon & Healy Harps. In 2012 he visited the Eagle Harp factory in Nanjing, China and learned more about their instruments.

Nadav is the first to offer  major restorations of harps in Israel. He was able to restore a 100 year old  harp, Style 23G that belongs to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. It was originally declared as total loss by the maker, and now it is back on stage.

Since 2015 Nadav has been going on regulation tours on behalf of Camac harps to China and other countries. In 2016 Nadav returned to the Camac harp factory for more training and exchanging of ideas.

Other then harp Nadav has a BA in East asia studies, he is fluent in English, Chinese and Russian. Nadav is a Rally racing driver and an highly skilled in mechanics and hidrualics. He is also an expert in teaching advanced driving, managing safe fleet project and reducing car crashes.

Nili Konieczny,
Our store manager and amateur harpist, she is well acquainted with all of the models offered by Camac Harps. Nili has to ability to recognize the harpists needs and find the right harp for him/her. She is  a true" matchmaker".
Nili is a professional  chemist  specializing in petrochemicals, plastics and solvents. But her passion is music and she gives her heart and soul to each harp and harpist.

"Like many other harp enthusiast we had to find solutions for our hobbies thus recognizing the difficulties harpists have to overcome to realize their dreams. We then decided to use the solutions we found for ourselves and give it at the hands of all harpists in Israel and open Israel's Harp Store - Ayelet's String"
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