"In 2007 an old Russian harp came down our path, after foreign harp technicians claimed its demise Nadav tweaked it to perfect working order, Since then he cherishes the old instruments that need a loving hand to once again produce the wonderful music of the harp" - Nili

Nadav Konieczny
Harp expert - Regulation, Repair, Restoration and more. After caring for harps in the local Israeli harp community, in 2010 Nadav was invited to Camac Harps to do a course to become a certified technician. In 2011 Nadav visited the Salvi factory in order to learn more about Salvi and L&H harps. In 2012 he visited the Eagle Harp factory in Nanjing China and learned more about their instruments.

Nadav’s expertise lie in saving harps that have been forsaken by everyone and regarded as irreparable or unregulatable. He does this through hard work, immense patience and a thorough understanding of how this complicated instrument works. He has had the pleasure and joy of repairing many unused and abandoned harps, all around the world, and bringing them back to perfect playing condition. Have a look at the testimonials, below this article.

In cases where something is really broken, the harp can be dismantled, and a new part can be fabricated thousands of miles away, later to be refitted quickly and efficiently. Nadav, in cooperation with specialists abroad, succeeded in restoring a magnificent 100-year-old Style 23G concert harp that belonged to the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra and was declared a total loss by the manufacturer. This beautiful instrument is back on the stage, and sounds as glorious as ever.

Nadav's clients enjoy full technical support in 4 languages, to help solve any problems that might occur between regulation tours. By attended one of his workshops, you’ll be able to fix your harp problems, on your own.

Since 2015 Nadav has been going on regulation tours on behalf of Camac harps. His destinations include China, Taiwan and Europe. In 2016 he acquired specialty information and exchanged knowledge with the Camac Harps service manager.

Nadav has a B.A. in East Asia and Politics, from Tel Aviv University and Nanjing University. He is fluent in English, Chinese, Hebrew and Russian.

Camac Harps - Technician in charge of Mainland China and Taiwan
Camac 中國大陸與台灣專屬豎琴維修技師
卡玛卡竖琴的 中国大陆与台湾专属竖琴维修技师


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"Thank you for always listening to harpists’ needs, and solve problems with great patience"

Meng-Lu Chiu, Taiwan Harp Center
I was very happy to meet Nadav, thanks to his patience and hard work for reviving all of those bad/unused harps here in Taipei, help our community grow. And he is always available and happy to help. I will not worry too much about harp problems now as I know  Nadav can fix them all

Shannon Shuen Chieh - Principal Harp at National Symphony Orchestra, Taiwan
Nadav repaired my harp when he was in Zagreb in November last year (2018). My Aoyama Orpheus was 18 years old and had one servis maybe 10 years ago. Now sounds like new with clear bass strings and easy to tune and stays in tune, All octaves sounds great...thank you Nadav.

Biserka Krčelić - Glazbena škola Vatroslav Lisinski proffessor of Harp
Zagreb, Croatia
I am very happy to have met Nadav. As a harp technician, his knowledge and technique in harp regulation is impeccable.  His meticulous works gives an ultimate result for those playing the harp.


Chen Yuying-Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra
陈妤颖-上海爱乐乐团 竖琴首席
“在2007年,那达夫修好了我家古老的俄罗斯竖琴(这台琴国外的技师已经告诉我无法维修)。 在他能工巧匠的手下,我古老的竖琴又能再次发出美妙的声音”-Nili
Nadav Konieczny (那达夫)

他通晓竖琴自身的工作原理,维修起来又不辞辛苦,超有耐心,能解决很多难题,“救活”了很多台竖琴。当他将常年不曾演奏过的竖琴带回完美的演奏状态时从中得到了很大的快乐。即便你的老旧竖琴有零件损坏,原厂都无法提供更换零件时,那达夫都可以制造出零件以便更换。在他和另一位外国专家的努力下,以色列爱乐乐团100年前的23 镀金型竖琴起死回生,重新登上舞台。




I have been most impressed by Nadav's professionalism and his determination on fixing all harps, regardless of their condition. This is something I have rarely witnessed.
Aging harps or harps in poor condition can often be dismissed. Nadav has been able to fix harps in poor maintenance condition. His focus, concentration, will and mechanic intelligence make him for me the number one harp technician in the world. I am very grateful for his work and dedication and thanks to him I now have two stable harps I am teaching on at the conservatory in Izmir, Turkey as well as a personal harp which had been restored but never sounded good. It suffered buzzes all over and poor intonation as well, it sound almost excellent right now. I am deeply touched to finally have this harp which sat 5 years in this shape. It is like the harps is reborn!

Sirin Pancaroglu
Founder and President of the Association for the Art of the Harp I Arp Sanatı Derneği Kurucu Başkanı
World Harp Congress, Member of Board of Directors World Harp Congress, Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi
The harpists in Israel are blessed to finally have a well trained and dedicated harp technician.
Nadav Konieczny is experienced and capable of working on Lyon & Healy, Salvi, Camac and all other harps. I have seen his work. He is a perfectionist. I have worked together with him on the 3 harps of the Buchman Mehta School of Music at the Tel Aviv University.  I have seen how he successfully rebuilt the IPO Concert Grand L&H that was so brutally damaged by an airport fork/lift.  I trust him to care for my personal harps.  Israeli harpists and Institutions should do the same.
Judith Liber
Principal solo harpist Israel Philharmonic, 1963–2000, retired.
Music Director International Harp Contest in Israel, 1977-2012, retired.
Harp Instructor Buchman Mehta School of Music, Tel Aviv University.